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Fund Raising Programs
Charitable Team Building
Creativity to Wear


Additional Activities


  • Sweet 16

  • Fundraiser

  • Baby Shower

  • Bat Mitzvah

ARTwith PURPOSE  provides interactive programs that allows participants to engage in a creative experience even if they "can't draw a straight line"  that becomes a community service effort for a charity or non profit organization of your choice.


Our programs are conducted in a group setting, in a safe and collaborative environment. To their utter amazement every participant is able to produce a beautiful finished product that will touch the life of someone in need and show how much you really care.


There are many flavors to choose from, including creating tile tables for pediatric hospitals or a tile wall to brighten up a homeless shelter or personlaized wearable art to promote your favorite organization.


We will help you to come up with the finished product that would best suit your charity - and if you need help in selecting a cause we can help you with that as well.


A donor recognition element can also be included with every project.


ARTwithPURPOSE has the ability to produce the product on site if desired.


We look forward to customizing a program just for you.

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