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Team Building should be FUN - and presented in a relaxed, positive atmosphere, through a series of creative exercises. Team building will help to:


  • Sharpen leadership skills

  • Problem solve more efficiently

  • Build confidence

  • Boost team productivity

  • Create a cooperative work environment

  • Foster creativity & thinking outside the box

  • Re-energize the group

  • Create a relaxed, positive atmosphere

We travel to the location of your choice whether it is the beach or the office.

No group is too small or too big. Each team buildingprogram is designed to suit your needs, budget and goals.We offer a variety of team building activities and can designa programto suit your needs and budget.

Here's Just a Sample of What We Can Do For You.


Building Together

Cardboard Boat Regetta


Dance Challenge

Direct A Puzzle

Dodgeball - Kickball

Floor Hockey

Dress Up Relay

Famous Sayings

Find It!

Ice Breakers!!


Iron Chef!!

Lego Program

Mine Field



Murder Mystery
Obstacle Course
Photo Scavenger
Sand Castle Building
Speed Networking
Speed Stacking
Team Skiing
The Beam
The Grid
Tumbling Tower
Union Suit Relay
Water Games
Human Foosball
Foodie Game Show
Minute to Win It!
Who's Who at...


Corporate Color War/Team Building Event


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